all income goes to Iele-Sânziene NGO // orders are shipped every Tuesday

The story

iele is a 100% not-for-profit brand that funds the NGO iele-sânziene. It was launched in January 2020 as a project created by iele-sânziene, and just a few months later became one of the winners of the competition Social Impact Award Romania.


This shop allows us at iele-sânziene to develop charitable projects in an ethical and sustainable way, without constant worry of financial resources, without depending on grants or donations from companies whose values we do not associate with. 

The projects include menstrual health workshops for adolescent girls, distribution of menstrual and hygiene products to vulnerable girls and women, research on the period poverty issue in Romania and others.

iele are feminine mythical creatures in Romanian mythology

Our products are generally personal & menstrual care related: menstrual pads, menstrual cups, but occasionally we launch limited collections with other products like the reusable face masks we currently have available. 

For body 

Our products, both reusable and single-use, do not contain any dangerous substances for the human body and are designed to be comfortable and eco-friendly.

For nature

All the textile products on the shop are ethically manufactured in Romania from vegan and ethically sourced fabrics. The single-use products are biodegradable. 

All employees have correct wages for a normal work week and the workplace is safe with adequate lighting, seating, climate, hygiene and toilet facilities. All the employees have access to breaks during work hours. 

We do not support: forced labour, withholding part of the salary, overworking. 

For any questions or inquiries you can always contact us at